Mr. Brett Johnson

• Over 20 years experience in the management of airborne geophysical and geospatial surveys
• Qualified commercial pilot and previously the operations and aviation manager of the worlds larges airborne survey companies.
• Technical lead in development of cutting edge laser techniques for mapping of infrastructure.
• Expert in satellite and aircraft based imagery

Other Members

Mr. Abubakar Sadiq Lawal – Exploration Geologist (B.Sc.)

• Mr Lawal has a Bachelor’s degree in Geology with field experience in geology and geophysics as applicable to mineral...

Mr. Timbee Terungwa Jacob – Exploration Geologist (B.Sc.)

• Mr. Timbee has a degree in Geology and Mining with vast experience in mineral exploration, having worked in many...

Mr. Daniel Law Komolafe – Exploration Geologist (B.Sc.)

• Mr. Komolafe has a degree in Geology and has worked extensively across the country on a number of mineral...

Mr. Aminu Bashiru Ozovehe – Exploration Geologist (B.Sc.)

• Mr Aminu has worked extensively across Nigeria for more than seven (7) years, acquiring professional skills in geology and...