Our Team

Board Members


Mr. Fadi A. Ghazale

Managing Director (B.A. Hons, MBA)

Fadi A. Ghazale is the Founder and the Managing Director of AGVM. He holds an MBA in Business in Emerging Markets from the University of Liverpool and a BA in Business Administration from Notre Dame University.

An assiduous Entrepreneur, Mr. A. Ghazale moved to Nigeria over 10 years ago to be the fourth generation of the Abou Ghazale family to manage AG Vision Construction, the family’s substantial civil construction business, operating in Nigeria and across East Africa and the MENA region.

Much of the business AG Vision Construction involved major construction projects across remote areas of Northern Nigeria and it was during these years that Fadi recognized the huge, but yet untouched potential of Nigeria’s mineral sector, and identified the factors holding the sector back, such as political complexity, lack of funds and lack of high level geo-scientific knowledge.

Mr. A. Ghazale then single handedly set about assembling a team of global experts, which when coupled with his extensive Nigerian experience, intimate knowledge of the political environment, and the vast logistical and remote operational capacity of the construction business has transformed AG Vision Mining into the pre-eminent mineral exploration company in Nigeria.


Dr. Warwick Crowe

Principal Geologist/ Director (BSc Hons, MSc, PhD)

Dr. Crowe has over 30 years experience in the integrated interpretation of geophysical datasets, structural analyses & exploration management (JORC / NI 43-101). He has a diverse technical background that includes work from prospect to provincial scales, in mineral and petroleum targeted projects.

Dr. Crowe has worked on projects in Africa, India & the Middle East, Australasia & SE Asia, South America, & Antarctica. Additionally, he has an extensive Nigerian experience at regional and local scale and was in charge. Perhaps, he is the world’s foremost expert in Nigerian economic geology, having interpreted the national airborne geophysical data set in 2009 and subsequently discovered several major gold and iron ore deposits in Nigeria. He is a University lecturer and expert in skills transfer.


Mr. Brad George

Commercial Director (BSc hons, MBA)

Mr George is an expert in Exploration Management, Financing and Project Management, He has Over 25 years mineral exploration and mining management. Mr. George has been extensively involved in investment banking and finance in the junior sector with extensive African experience, managing exploration projects across Southern and West Africa. He has been engaged on several feasibility studies with an active role in the marketing of mineral projects to the international investment community.


Mr. Kevin Joseph

Board Adviser (Bsc)

Mr. Joseph has a degree in chemical engineering and has extensive experience in Nigeria, and the West African region, has been based in Nigeria, for over twenty five (25) years and has invaluable in-country relationships. Mr. Joseph is an Executive Director of Kogi Iron, and CEO/Director of KCM Mining, its Nigerian subsidiary, and a former Executive Director of Operations for OANDO Petroleum, one of two major local marketers of petroleum in Nigeria, where he headed up Supply Chain Development in the West African Region, with Executive responsibility for new business development


Dr. Maher Al Sayah

Finance Director (Bsc Hons, Msc, Phd)

Dr. Sayah is a PhD holder in Banking and Finance. For the last 10 years, he occupied several senior positions in finance and management in Nigeria and the MENA region. He has invaluable in-country relationships and experiences.



Team Members


Mr. Ope-Oluwa Fadipe

Senior Exploration Geologist/Drill Engineer (B.Sc., M.Sc.)

  • Fadipe holds a Master’s degree in Mineral Exploration/Economic and Mining Geology with over twelve (12) years of professional experience working in the majority of Nigeria’s Basement and Sedimentary terrains. He is a member of several professional organizations including the Council of Mining Engineers and Geoscientists (COMEG), Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society (NMGS) and Association of Geoscientists for International Development (AGID)
  • With a vast technical background in geological mapping, geochemistry, structural analysis, mineral exploration, drilling, geological interpretation/estimation and database management, he has worked extensively across all regions of Nigeria on behalf of different clients on several precious, metallic and industrial mineral exploration projects from the reconnaissance to the drilling stages.
  • Currently, he leads the team of field geologists working on the several AGVM mineral exploration projects where his responsibilities include design and commissioning of field exercises, data analysis and database management, geological and structural mapping and analysis



Mr. William Jacobs

Mine Engineer & Metallurgist (BSc)

  • Over 30 years managing major feasibility, planning and development projects
  • Key skills in managing external consultants and contractors on major projects
  • Managed major industrial, manufacturing and service organisations
  • Specialist in design and operation of mineral processing plants


Mr. Geoff Peters 

(BSc – hons) Geophysics

  • 15 years experience in ground and airborne geophysics
  • Expert in the processing, modelling and interpretation of highly complex geophysical data sets
  • Specialist in compound geological terranes and environments
  • Experienced in ground and airborne field operations
  • Programming and development of new systems and services


Mr. Aminu Bashiru Ozovehe

Exploration Geologist (B.Sc.)

  • Mr Aminu has worked extensively across Nigeria for more than seven (7) years, acquiring professional skills in geology and geotechnical engineering. He is a member of the Council of Mining Engineers and Geoscientists (COMEG) and the Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society (NMGS). He has a first degree in geology and mineral science
  • He has a vast field experience on mineral exploration which include investigations of iron ore, lead, coal and gold. He was part of the ‘Kogi Iron’ project where he worked as an exploration geologist for KCM Mining/Kogi Iron Limited
  • At the moment he is working as an exploration geologist in A.G Vision Mining Limited, he is involved in several technical activities towards the discovery of economic alluvial and primary gold potential.


Mr. Daniel Law Komolafe

Exploration Geologist (B.Sc.)

  • Komolafe has a degree in Geology and has worked extensively across the country on a number of mineral exploration projects including gold, lead, marble and coal. He has over eight (8) years of field experience with in-depth human relations.
  • He currently works as an Exploration Geologist with AGVM where his responsibilities include geological and structural mapping for primary and secondary gold exploration, trench logging and samples management
  • He is a quality control and quality assurance expert, and radiation safety technician.


Mr. Timbee Terungwa Jacob

Exploration Geologist (B.Sc.)

  • Timbee has a degree in Geology and Mining with vast experience in mineral exploration, having worked in many regions across Nigeria.
  • His professional career includes but not limited to geophysical surveys (Data acquisition, processing and interpretation) – Electromagnetic (VLF), magnetic, electrical and seismic surveys; geological mapping, geochemical mapping/sampling and core drilling/logging in respect to mineral exploration.
  • He is a member of the Nigerian Mining and Geosciences Society (NMGS)
  • He is currently working as an Exploration Geologist at AGVM where he is involved in several technical activities towards the discovery of alluvial and economic gold potential



Mr. Abubakar Sadiq Lawal

Exploration Geologist (B.Sc.)

  • Mr Lawal has a Bachelor’s degree in Geology with field experience in geology and geophysics as applicable to mineral exploration
  • His four (4) years professional career includes field geophysical surveys – using the Electromagnetic/VLF, electrical resistivity and magnetic surveys and geological field mapping
  • He is now an Exploration Geologist with AGVM and his duties include structural and geological mapping/sampling for alluvial and primary gold exploration, trench logging and samples management and ground geophysical data acquisition